Tree Hugger

A Metanet tree traversal library.

Walking the Metanet is good for the mind and body. Find a tree and give it a hug.

What the jiggins is this?

Tree Hugger is a small JavaScript library for traversing the Metanet. It is a higher-level interface over the top of the Metanaria API, providing a simple API for finding Metanet nodes and traversing tree structures.

Tree Hugger works in both NodeJS and browser environments.


Install with npm or yarn.

npm install meta-tree-hugger
# or
yarn add meta-tree-hugger

Include Tree Hugger in your NodeJS project:

import TreeHugger from 'meta-tree-hugger'

… or in a browser:

<script src=""></script>

Find a Metanet node

Lookup a Metanet node either by it’s node id or txid. All query functions are asyncronous and return a Promise.

// Find a single node
await TreeHugger.findNodeById(id)
await TreeHugger.findNodeByTxid(txid)
// returns a <MetaNode> object

// Find a collection of nodes
await TreeHugger.findNodesByAddress(address)
await TreeHugger.findNodesByParentId(id)
await TreeHugger.findNodeAndDescendants(id)
// Returns flat, topologically ordered array
// [<MetaNode>, <MetaNode>, <MetaNode>, ...]

// Optional second parameter allows defining additional
// bitquery config
await TreeHugger.findNodesByParentId(id, {
limit: 10

// For more complex custom queries
await TreeHugger.findSingleNode({
find: { "": id },
project: { node: 1, parent: 1 }

// For complex queries
await TreeHugger.findAllNodes({
find: {
mem: 1,
"$and": [
{ "ancestor.tx": id, },
{ child: { "$exists": true, "$eq": [] } }
sort: { "blk.i": -1, i: -1 }

Traverse the tree

From any MetaNode instance, the tree can be traversed in any direction.

await node.root()
await node.parent()
await node.ancestors()
await node.siblings()
await node.children()
await node.descendants()
await node.selfAndAncestors()
await node.selfAndSiblings()
await node.selfAndChildren()
await node.selfAndDescendants()

// All traversal methods accept an optional parameter
// which can be used to define additional bitquery config
await node.selfAndDescendants({
limit: 10

Node attributes

A MetaNode instance has the following attributes:         // Metanet node id - hash(address + txid)
node.txid // Transaction id
node.address // Metanet node address

node.isRoot // Boolean
node.isChild // Boolean
node.isLeaf // Boolean

node.tx // Access the Planaria tx object

node.inputs // Shortcut to
node.outputs // Shortcut to node.tx.out
node.opReturn // Shortcut to the OP_RETURN output object